6/1/19 Fishing

Fishing  Reports:


Looks like Mother Nature is a little less neurotic this weekend, so take advantage and get to the lake….


Walleye Reports

The crawler bite has taken off quite nice, and drifters and the trollers are doing great. Fishing has been on fire lately and it sounds like you can catch fish about any way you prefer right now, on anything you want.



There continues to be lots of reports from 15 to 21 foot all the way across out front.  Also a lot of fish on the picket fence. They are pulling some good fish. Also still hearing a lot from D Can to Green and Niagara, and Marblehead to Kellys, if you want to drive past all those fish out front to get to more fish over there.

Bandits 15 to 50 feet back at 2.5mph seems to still be a good program, but lots have switched things up. Hearing Rattle Tots and Taildancers,  and Jets and spoons are pulling a ton of fish right now as well. Still seems to be a variety of colors pulling fish, a lot of metallic colors.


. Crawler harness bite is great out front as well, all the way across from Minkies to The far side of the Picket Fence and beyond. Variety of colors mentioned. Things are looking good. Water temps on the rise and fishing has been outstanding.



Few reports from A and B cans and we pulled some nice perch  off the picket fence while drifting harnesses so they must be getting more active. Starting to hear of some decent catches.


Congrats to Capt Eric Gahn on another job well done….




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