Fishing  Reports:


Live Emeralds, Waxies, and Nightcrawlers in store…
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Fishing has been great.  With the exception of yesterday with most everyone struggling to pull fish in the muddy conditions after the last rounds of NE winds. Fish are still here, just trying to keep it in front of them long enough for them to find it is the challenge. Expect things to fire back up today or tomorrow depending on how fast the clarity improves. Many have made the transition to casting and crawler rigs. Fishing has been great when conditions are decent. The only decent water reports from yesterday were West and Clinton Reefs and two miles north of the War Bouy.

Trollers: Niagara and Cone Reef, and North side of Reef areas producing fish and water conditions better than in close right now. Bandits seem to be the hot ticket at 2  ~ 2.7 on leads of 30 ~45 feet in shallow and 45~60 foot back out a little deeper. Looking for the inside bite to fire back up as conditions improve, still a ton of fish in close. Don’t foget to set some lines up real short if we get som sun this afternnon with the muddy water.

Drifters:  Reports from Niagara, Cone, and NE side of the reef complex where water is a little cleaner may be the best right now. Some working west of Catawba and Clinton Reef pulling fish as well. Fish are still right out front and with the winds laying down , expect that to pick right back up as the water clarity improves



Some Reports of some nice Perch mixed in with the Walleye. I would try any of the normal Perch spots once things shake out. Had some good reports from the Islands before the blow



Local spots are producing some fish as well as Metzgers Marsh and East Harbor



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Hunting Reports:

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