Fishing Reports:

Ice Reports:

No fishable ice to be found outside of East Harbor that we are aware of at this point. The weather has dropped back off and we should be making ice again now for the next few weeks anyway so time will tell.



Catawba: Conditions have deteriorated and winds have gone south again, opening everything up colder temps have moved back in so time will tell.

Port Clinton: A lot of shove ice still piled along the south shore but that is it.

East Harbor: Reports are there is still ice, conditions should be improving over the short term future and we have been getting some good reports.

Sandusky Bay: Lots of mud and open water as of yesterday,

Crane Creek, and Ottawa: From the images we are seeing the SW winds have blown the west end back open again.



Fishing has been slow with the weather, Mazurik and Huron ramps will likely be freezing back up pretty good with this latest blast of cold temps.


No recent reports, last reports we had were through the ice on the bay.


There are good reports from East Harbor.

Most everything is happening over by the Kayak launch. Be cautious as there is open water on the harbor as well. With the cold returning things should improve rapidly there and expect more guys out this weekend.


Fishing has been good, conditions are improving where there is ice left

Please make sure you have permission if fishing local marinas. Private property is, no different than your own property.. RESPECT  goes a long way.


Hunting Reports:

Archery remains open through tomorrow (Feb 4th last day)
Good Luck if you get out.... ( Send us your pictures) Send us a picture of you and your deer from this season, or better yet stop in for a picture to post on our page and you will be entered in a weekly drawing for a T Shirt ....

Top of Oho Taxidermy is here for those who get that trophy.....

Lake Erie Marsh Zone

There are still a lot of geese in the area, late season remains open through Feb 10th. Get out there and get some of those honkers….
Stop buy and have your picture taken with your birds, and get entered to win a free box of shells...

Follow this link for Ohio Hunting Season Dates
Ohio Hunting Season Dates and Limits

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