Fishing Reports:

Ice Reports:

Reports of folks fishing out of Put In Bay and a few have ventured out off Catawba. There is a lot of shove ice and conditions are not impressive but some are heading out. Sounds like Put In Bay is better conditions but requires a flight to get there. We also have a good bit of snow on top of the ice nowwhich will not help things.  At any rate



Catawba: Conditions are poor with a lot of shove ice, but some are starting to go back out of Catawba.

Port Clinton: A lot of shove ice still piled along the south shore and surface ice is now pretty much complete and building have not heard of anyone heading out there yet

East Harbor: Reports have been mostly good. Good sized fish and pretty good ice. Conditions should be improving over the short term future with this weather pattern.

Sandusky Bay: No reports yet, surface ice is almost completely restored just need to build some depth now, that should improve if this weather holds on.

Crane Creek, and Ottawa:  Surface ice has formed with the lower temps but not much thickness yet, and no reports of anyone testing it there..



Only reports have been from Put In Bay and they are pulling fish. Ice building but I’m sure that has slowed considerably with this latest blast of snow..


No recent reports, last reports we had were through the ice on the bay.


There are good reports from East Harbor.

Most everything is happening over by the Kayak launch. Be cautious as there is open water on the harbor as well. With the cold returning things should improve rapidly there and expect more guys out this week.


Fishing has been good, conditions are improving where there is ice left

Please make sure you have permission if fishing local marinas. Private property is, no different than your own property.. RESPECT  goes a long way.

Hunting Reports:

Top of Oho Taxidermy is here for those who get that trophy.....


Archery season has drawn to a close for the year, hope you had a great year….


Lake Erie Marsh Zone


Late season Goose remains open through today Saturday Feb 10th. Get out there and get some of those honkers….



Follow this link for Ohio Hunting Season Dates
Ohio Hunting Season Dates and Limits

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